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My name is Olivia Miller and I’m a student at Bozeman High School. In early June of 2019 I got the opportunity to work with the wonderful Rose Vallor studying streams in Bozeman, Montana with the Peaks and Potentials camp at Montana State University.

In partnership with the MSU Science Math Resource Center and the Montana Afterschool Alliance, we are pleased to offer support to attend the 2019 Montana Afterschool Alliance annual conference (Aug. 8-9 in Bozeman) to two out-of-school educators from Montana towns of 2,500 and under.

Water professionals: How can we help you?

One goal of the Montana NSF EPSCoR CREWS Project is to support Montana professionals who are working in water-related industries, including state agencies, local municipalities, private consultancies, non-profits and other areas.

Please help us better understand your professional development needs so that we can assist you!

Dr. Elizabeth "Liddi" Meredith is a hydrogeologist with the Montana Bureau of Mines and Geology at Montana Technological University in Butte. She is a member of the Montana NSF EPSCoR research team and shared information about her career with the Montana Girls STEM Collaborative, an outreach program of Montana NSF EPSCoR. Her interview is reprinted her in its entirety.