Montana joined the NSF EPSCoR program in 1980 and has developed a multitude of competitively-funded EPSCoR projects over time. Although each project is designed with unique research and education objectives, the benefits of these projects have sustained and contributed to enhanced research and education capacity and competitiveness beyond each project's research design. Below you can find summaries of current and historic EPSCoR projects in Montana. We currently only have information on projects going back to 2001.


Paul Stoy, MSU photo
Track 2: 2016-2020
Montana State University partnership with University of Wyoming and University of South Dakota for research on biofuel, carbon capture technologies for Upper Missouri River Basin.
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Source Credit: Marina Maksimova and Julian Meeks, Department of Neuroscience, UT Southwestern Medical Center
Track 2: 2016-2020
Montana State University is a partner in neuroscience research on attention with New Hampshire, Rhode Island, and Nevada.
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NPS photo by Jim Peaco
Track 1: 2011-2017
Montana research on ecosystems from microbes to landscapes, including creation of the Montana Institute on Ecosystems (IoE)
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VOEIS image
Track 2: 2009-2013
This collaborative project between MT and KY and partners developed an integrated sensor and ecological informatics system through the use of modern cyberinfrastructure resources.
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Northern Tier Network
Track 2: 2010-2012
The Montana Northern Tier Network (MT-NTN) extends the reach and capability of the Montana University System’s (MUS)fiber network. It improved the research and education connectivity access across Montana.
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Hydrogen and the Environment image
Track 1: 2007-2011
Research on: 1) Hydrogen and the environment and 1) large river ecosystems.
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Track 1: 2004-2007
Research on: 1) biomolecular structures, 2) neuroscience, 3) bioengineering, and 4) nano materials
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Track 1: 2001-2004

This award focused on Integrative Analysis of Complex Biological Systems (IACBS). Biomolecular Structure and Function (BmSF), and Nanosciences.

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