In order for researchers and the public to address problems related to ecosystems, especially climate change, collection and analysis of huge, complex, heterogeneous data sets will be required, as well as shared access to distributed data sources that already exist or that are being collected through other research programs. With that in mind, the cyberinfrastructure (CI) activities supported by MT EPSCoR provide essential baseline CI advising, training and support for researchers engaged in the core science projects and work to develop a much more global, comprehensive, state-wide plan for establishing and maintaining an effective research cyberinfrastructure.

Efforts are cooridnated through the Research Cyberinfrastructure Group at MSU and High Performance Computing Group at The University of Montana.

IoE Data Gateway

The IoE Data Gateway is a node of the NSF DataOne program. This research data resource provides information on EPSCoR supported research activities through the Montana Institute on Ecosystems. Updates from research projects will begin to populate the Gateway during the 2016 calendar year.

VOEIS: A Model System for Environmental Data Management

A legacy Track-2 project supported by Montana NSF EPSCoR and Kentucky NSF EPSCoR, VOEIS (Virtual Observatory and Ecological Information System) was designed to meet the data control, curation, sharing and publication needs typical to research scientists working in the earth sciences.

The VOEIS Data Hub is hosted at MSU and supported by scientists in the Research Computing Group.