Outreach & Communications

Montana NSF EPSCoR communicates and disseminates project outcomes through supported partnerships and programs that foster collaboration, target development of a diverse, well-trained STEM workforce, and support a scientifically informed citizenry. The dissemination of scientific results to stakeholders and citizens builds scientific literacy and strengthens educational and research capacity throughout Montana. Our Outreach & Communications programs link directly to each project's research objectives.

MSU EU photo
MSU Extended University: Climate in My Backyard

Climate in My Backyard (CLIMB) is an educational outreach program serving K-12 schools and informal educators. These dynamic educational modules are designed to engage and inspire students by connecting them with climate science researchers in…

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Photo by Todd Kipfer
UM spectrUM IoE exhibits

UM spectrUM has developed a series of ecosystem science exhibits that showcase IoE research on the 2011-17 Track-1 project. These exhibits are developed for a range of audiences including K-12 STEM educators and students, higher education…

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